Making money in real estate, made simple for everyone

At Liquidity Wealth, we make it simple for everyone to make money in real estate. Whether you’re brand new to real estate or a seasoned pro, we’re ready to help you grow.
With years of experience and millions of dollars of real estate deals closed, we have all the tools you’ll need to succeed at making money in real estate!

Your portfolio, your way

Liquidity Wealth gives you the opportunity to make money in real estate by participating in a wide range of deals in the greater New York/New Jersey metro area. These properties have been vetted by our experienced team and have great potential to create profit. Review the deals, pick your favorite(s), and we’ll develop a plan for your success.

What are the advantages of residential real estate?


No matter how good or bad the economy is, real estate always has value and that value always goes up over time. In these uncertain times, real estate becomes an even better way to build wealth. As other markets struggle, residential real estate has been steady.

Real Estate



Cash / Savings

High cash return

Equity build up


hard asset

tax benefits

inflation hedge

How It Works

We buy deals

The Liquidity Wealth team finds great real estate deals and buys them.

You join in

You buy into us and become a partner in our portfolio of deals.

We create revenue

We manage and sell properties we bought, generating ongoing profits.

You share our profits

You get paid for being a Liquid Wealth partner.

Previous property sales

64-66 Irving Street

Newark, NJ
Acquisition Price: $147,200
Renovation Cost: $57,000
Disposition Price: $270,000
Profit: $65,800
ROI: 32%

191 Dewitt Avenue

Newark, NJ
Acquisition Price: $170,000
Renovation Cost: $47,000
Disposition Price: $300,000
Profit: $83,000
ROI: 48%

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with us

Liquidity Wealth
7 SW. Lexington Drive, Spring Valley, NY 10977

What are our clients saying about Liquidity Wealth?


It was a great pleasure working with the Liquid Wealth team from A to Z. Their attention to detail is unparalleled.

Enrique Morales
Enrique Morales

It’s rare when people not only passionate about what they do but also care about every aspect of the transaction.

Adelaide Jenkins
Adelaide Jenkins
Real Estate Owner

Knowing the team for some time, I should say they are professional, diligent, and always respect the commitment which is paramount in any business.

Brad Gotfried
Brad Gotfried

Real Estate News

Despite warnings, New York real estate isn’t in freefall

A recent second quarter report from Douglas Elliman for Manhattan real estate sounds ominous: sale prices were down 17.7% year over year. However, upon a closer look, New York city real estate isn’t a market with plunging prices or inherent weakness like the recession in 2008.

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