We're on a mission to create a new way to profit in real estate

Many people are looking to make money in real estate, either by buying properties at a lower value and selling them as-is at a higher value (“wholesaling”) or buying them, adding improvements, and selling the renovated property (“fix and flip”). Property values always go up over a long period of time, which makes real estate an attractive way to make money.

However, it’s hard to put together the combination of knowledge and capital to become successful in real estate. It takes a lot of funding, a rock-solid way to evaluate properties as good deals, and a network of relationships to underwrite the deals to be successful. For many people, putting all of that together is very difficult.

Our goal at Liquidity Wealth is to be your “one stop shop” for all the resources you need to be successful in real estate. We’ve spent years building relationships with financial professionals, real estate agents, and contractors. We’ve bought dozens of properties in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area with a combined value of millions of dollars. We’ve sold properties for a profit, as both a wholesale and as a fix-and-flip operation.

Liquidity Wealth gives you a new way to be successful in real estate sales by leveraging our years of expertise in buying and selling properties for profit. With our platform, you have the ability to partner with us in real estate deals we’ve evaluated that meet our criteria for great profit potential. By partnering on profitable deals, we all succeed together.

Our success becomes your success.

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