Frequently Asked Questions

We are a group of real estate professionals who want to help other people be successful in real estate.
We give anyone the opportunity to participate in funding real estate projects that produce profit.

We buy and sell real estate in two primary ways: (1) we buy a property and sell as-is (wholesaling), or (2) we buy a property, renovate it, and sell (fix and flip).

At this time, we only buy residential properties; we intend to expand into commercial properties in time.

The properties we look for are located in the greater New York metro area. Most of the properties we’ve worked with in the past are located in the five boroughs of New York city or in northern New Jersey.

We’ve developed a screening process over several years that helps us determine that a property is undervalued at its current sale price:

1. We have a team of property finders that locate properties whose current owners are very motivated to sell (such as for an estate sale) or who are due to be sold for below market value (such as a bankruptcy auction or REO). Finding these properties is all about having the right contacts and “being in the right place at the right time”.

2. Before we purchase a property, we examine its value in relation to similar property nearby (“comps”) through the use of both our own proprietary analysis and professional third party valuation (such as an appraisal from a certified real estate appraiser).

3. If this analysis determines that the property’s true value is high enough beyond its current sale price, we engage our network of downstream property buyers and financial lenders to gauge their interest. The more interest we get, the better the deal we have.

When we find good real estate deals, we look for funding from our network to purchase them so we can sell them at a profit. However, we currently get so many good deals that we cannot fund them all with our own resources.

By giving people like you the opportunity to partner with us on a deal, we can be mutually successful by leveraging our expertise in finding deals and your capital to fund them. By becoming our partner on a deal, you share in the profits. Contact us and let’s create a successful ongoing partnership today.

We have purchased properties for as little as under $100,000 to as much as over $2,000,000. Click here to see our list of current properties available and click here to see some properties we’ve already bought and sold.

Contact us to discuss your goals for a partnership with us. We’ll develop a plan that matches your objectives and fits your budget.

We seek to return profits to our partners as quickly as possible. A typical timetable to buy and sell a property “as is” would be in the 30 to 90 day range; properties requiring improvements would take longer, depending on how long the improvements take to complete. Contact us and we’ll develop a schedule that works for you.

We’re glad to have you on board! Let’s get started today – contact us and we’ll discuss the next steps.