Finding Great Deals

Anyone who wants to make money in real estate must always start with the same question:

How do you find great deals?

As with any market, the trick is to “buy low and sell high”. In real estate, the trick becomes finding a property that is underpriced. Everything else – buying it, renovating it if need be, and then selling it at a better price – comes from that.

At Liquidity Wealth, we’ve developed a system to find great deals over the years. Here’s how we do it:

At Liquidity Wealth, we’ve developed a system to find great deals over the years. Here’s how we do it:

Locate deals that are likely to be underpriced.

We engage a network of property finders that help us find properties that are in some form of distress, such as properties involved in bankruptcy or an estate sale. These properties are sometimes sold for lower prices because their owners are more motivated to sell quickly rather than waiting for a better price.

Analyze the deals to ensure they are good values.

However good a real estate deal may look, it’s important to have independent verification that the numbers work. We commission third-party analysis, such as a property appraisal from an accredited agency and a marketplace investigation by a professional data firm, to confirm that the deal is good.

Put a plan in place to sell the deal for a profit.

If our analysis determines that the property can be sold “as is”, we will engage our network of buyers to locate a buyer who is willing to buy the property at a higher price than we would have to buy it for. If we determine that the property can be sold after renovations, we will talk to our network of professional contractors to figure out how much it would cost to “fix and flip” the property. In both cases, we do our best to make all the numbers work before we commit to the deal.

These are the types of deals we’re giving you a chance to participate in. Want in? Want to know more?

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By the time we’ve purchased a property, we already have a strong concept of what it should sell for and how much profit we can make. We won’t commit to a deal unless we know we have a great chance of “buying low to sell high”.